girls night.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

at first, sorry for not updating yesterday. But i had a busy day, i started with running for half an hour and then i went straight to the gym for an hour workout so i'm quite sore now. After that i took a quick shower studied a bit and went to my grandparents. And when i came back i ate my dinner and went too my friend Lisa for a girlsssssssssnight! Even though 2 friends couldn't come it was still awesome. We had lots of fun and laughed a lot, like reallly a lot! and what's a sleepover with girls without a pillow fight? yes you're right that isn't even a real sleepover then!

i'll probably post another update this afternoon with pictures we made in the wood because i probably don't have time to do that tomorrow because of school..
write you soon, Demi.

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